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Liability and Animal-Related Auto Accidents

It could be worth speaking to a car accident attorney if you have experienced an automobile accident involving an animal. While it is clearly not possible to sue a wild animal on the road, it might be possible to find liability elsewhere. For example, if the area where you experienced the accident is known to have a high concentration of deer or other animals, and the municipality did not create enough signage warning motorists, you may have a case against the town or city. For situations like this, it is helpful to speak with a car accident attorney to understand the different possibilities you have.

It is possible too that the car insurance you have covering your own liability has some form of animal-related coverage. However, insurance companies are not always willing to cover these kinds of damages. Having a car accident attorney on your side to sort through the particulars of the liability coverage on your car can be helpful when you begin to file a claim.

Figuring out liability and damages gets even trickier when the animal involved in the accident is an investment or a large livestock animal, like a horse or a cow. In such instances, these animals are very valuable to owners or farmers nearby, and therefore finding out who is at fault will determine who ultimately will recoup the costs of losing such a pricey animal. If you find a car accident attorney with the knowledge to help in such cases, you may find yourself able to navigate out of a tricky situation.

This is particularly true in some states in the United States, like California and parts of Texas, where there are open range laws, meaning that livestock do not necessarily need to be secured behind fencing, even near major roads and interstates. In these contexts, it is important to exercise even greater caution, but also important to find a strong car accident attorney who can help defend your rights and place the liability after an accident where it belongs.

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