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Liabilities to Owning an ATV

Pretty much anything you own and drive is going to have some liability associated with it, and ATVs are no exception. An ATV (all- terrain vehicle) is used for thrills and excitement, and can even be used to haul things around your cabin property in St. George, Utah. An ATV is rather prone to incurring an auto accident, so knowing what your liability issues are is very important to avoid an awkward situation with your lawyer.

Safety Hazards and Your ATV

When taking it to the hills or sand dunes near St. George, an ATV can make for a fun family drive — or a huge hazard. Head injuries are the most common injuries to occur on an ATV, so make sure to wear your helmet. Wearing a helmet will help prevent any possible head trauma, and keep you out of the personal injury lawyer office.

Manufacturing Liability

According to lawyer professionals, manufacturing liability is the “it’s not me it’s you” of product liability. An auto accident may be caused by a malfunction in the ATV itself, rather than anything you personally have done. The damages caused by this malfunction may include not only personal injury in the event of an auto accident, but also property damage. There are usually recalls for these things, but if not properly taken care of these manufacturing errors can be a danger to you and the people around you.

Owner Liability

There are legal requirements to riding an ATV, such as the age of the driver and the number of passengers. If in auto accident occurs and you are found to be breaking one of these rules, a lawyer could find you at fault. An easy way to avoid liability issues is to take care of your ATV and make sure following all relevant laws when you’re down in St. George tearing things up.

Be Safe when Driving

For ideal safety, know how to drive your ATV and what precautions you need to take when getting on the machine. Wear a helmet and protective gear and be aware of any passengers that will be riding with you. Just like for cars, don’t drive under the influence — and always keep an eye out for potential hazards.

Keeping these factors in mind will help you, your family and your buddies stay safe while you’re cruising down in St. George on your ATV — and may help prevent a potential auto accident.

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