Do Larger Phones Mean More Distracted Driving?

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You’re walking down the Provo, Utah sidewalk. A quick glance to your left, and you’re met with a group of teenagers attempting the perfect selfie. As you look ahead to the bus stop, there’s a college student reading an article on his phone. When you peak into the window of the car stopped at the light, you spy a driver who is preoccupied with texts.

Distracted driving isn’t a new thing. However, as the prevalence of cell phones continues to grow, these devices are unavoidable. When you’re in an auto accident due to someone else’s negligence, it’s easy to wonder what caused it—an important text, phone call or just a large, distracting screen?

Before you need to contact an attorney, do your research. Learn the dangers of the road and how best to avoid them as a defensive driver.

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