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What to Know About Wrongful Death and National Parks This Summer

Although most national parks are considered relatively safe, there’s always an exception to the rule. Take for example an incident that occurred when two teenagers who were camping in Yosemite National Park were crushed to death when a tree fell on their tent. Or when a man was mauled to death by a vicious grizzly bear in Yellowstone. National parks are great places for both family exploration and individual camping trips; however, it’s pertinent to know what dangers are involved with national parks.

From the tip of Yellowstone National Park in southern Montana to Arches National Park just a couple of hours outside Salt Lake City, here’s what you need to know to stay safe at national parks — and avoid a lengthy case with a wrongful death lawyer.

Drowning and Vehicle Accidents Top the List

Statistically, the number one cause of death at national parks is drowning, followed closely by vehicle crashes. These statistics are important for a number of reasons: not only do these statistics shed light on the nature of accidents at national parks, but they also dispel popular myths and rumors about animal attacks at national parks.

In reality, animal attacks (including bears) ranked at the bottom of the list of wrongful death causes at national parks; alternatively, most cases involving a lawyer did not involve animals or the elements. So while the Salt Lake City area might be known for its surrounding wildlife, you’re more likely to die from swimming in dangerous waters than from a snake or bear attack. 

Heat and Cold Exposure Rank Lower

Surprisingly, heat exposure and cold exposure were also located toward the bottom of the list. For residents of Salt Lake City who enjoy taking summer trips to many of the national parks in Utah, here’s what we suggest: Although it’s important to stay hydrated, it’s equally if not more important that you travel carefully throughout the park. Avoiding steep cliffs, unsanctioned swimming areas and off-road trails can eliminate the tragic need to call a wrongful death lawyer. If you stay safe and follow the park’s guidelines, you shouldn’t encounter too much trouble while out exploring beautiful Utah this summer.

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