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The Impacts of Social Media on Your Personal Injury Suit

It’s no secret that social media is everywhere and everyone uses it –– even your defense attorney. It is smart to should stay off social media as long as your personal injury lawsuit lasts. The defense attorney has the power to look up all of your social media activity, eventually discrediting your whole case.

How it Works

You might wonder how a defense attorney could possibly know how you are feeling or how your are doing after your personal injury. The truth is, they don’t need to, especially if you hand it to them by posting on social media.

Imagine you have a back injury. Your back might be in extreme pain but you have to continue to go through life. That being said, you clean your gutters after a storm so it doesn’t wreck your house. This situation is all fine and dandy until you let all of your followers know. When you post it on social media, it opens up a whole new ball game. You practically gave the defense an easy way out to discredit your whole lawsuit.

Even When It Seems Painless

Jimmy Rohampton, a business writer that was featured in Forbes, wrote about how a girl sued her school because they didn’t protect her when her teacher sexually assaulted her. As her personal injury lawsuit continued, she posted a picture of her drinking and smiling. To anybody that would seem like she is doing okay. She might be trying to move on from what happened but the defense does not care. They will use whatever they can.

Positive or Negative

Whether you are happy or angry to your core during or after an incident, do not post about it on social media. It can show your temperament and that can also be used against you.

Everyone sees your social media, not just your grandma in Salt Lake City. Be sure that if you are currently involved in a personal injury case that you either refrain from social media for a while or continue to post but very cautiously.

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