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Hurt at Work? Robert J. Debry & Associates Can Help

Have you been involved in a crash because of an at-fault driver? Whether you’ve sustained minor or major injuries, or damaged your car during a car collision, partnering with a professional car accident lawyer is critical.

For years, Robert J. DeBry’s injury lawyers have provided quality legal guidance and representation for truck and motorcycle accident claims. Such cases occur because of drivers who do not adhere to safe road usage. We are also a reputable law firm specializing in handling personal injury and slip and fall insurance claims.

Has your relative succumbed to wrongful death? Have no fear; we provide reliable and professional legal guidance–including retrieval of the required documents to file a robust winning case.

According to a surveillance report by the Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries, published on The Salt Lake Tribune, Utah recorded increasing workplace injuries between 2017 and 2018 – from 43 to 49 cases. That represented an increase of 14%.

Even with the stringent safety measures at work, it is impossible to alleviate workplace injuries in your office or project site entirely. While we never wish that you never become a victim of a car or workplace injuries, it is still essential to hire an experienced car accident lawyer.

Why Hire Robert J. DeBry & Associates Car Accident Lawyers?

When you partner with our reputable lawyers, you not only deal with professionals but also industry-seasoned attorneys. With a combined experience of 250 years, our injury lawyers understand Utah laws that govern such cases. They know what to do and what to say to ensure that the case tilts to your side. As a result, you get adequate compensations for the injuries you suffered.

At Robert J. DeBry, we don’t just claim to be experts in workplace injuries and car accident claims, but we have helped real victims. For example, Kevin Udy’s family approached us to represent them on a legal battle with a trucking company for violating safe trucking codes. Through our professional legal support, the family obtained $58.5 million as compensation for their injuries.

On your behalf, filing a personal injury claim can be challenging since you lack the legal policies and court process’s know-how. Don’t suffer alone; call us today, and we will be glad to help.

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