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How to Get Compensated for Mass Tort Recall

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A tort is a civil wrong that causes financial, physical, emotional, or property damage to an individual or company. The person who suffers harm due to the defendant’s action or inaction or tortfeasor is known as a plaintiff. A mass tort is an amalgamated lawsuit filed by victims who have suffered similar harm using the defendant’s products or services. Mass tort recall claims arise from the grounds of negligence—your injury and car accident lawyers at Robert J. DeBry & Associates can help with litigation if you have recently used a recalled product.

A mass tort is a large group of litigants issuing a common tortfeasor, so multiple cases are taken care of in a single lawsuit. Therefore, bringing orderliness to the claims are handled and also saves time and money. 

Below are Some Factors Considered by Courts when Determining Whether to Allow mass Tort: 

  • Whether the cases have a close association or common cause
  • The number of the plaintiffs involved
  • The similarity of injuries borne by the plaintiffs
  • The location of the plaintiffs concerning each other

How is Compensation Handled in a Mass Tort Claim?

Each plaintiff in a mass tort is treated as an individual and receives varying amounts in compensation proportionate to their losses or damage level. Because there are different trials among plaintiffs, mass torts can last for years before concluding. Your injury attorney and those representing other plaintiffs are allowed to share evidence and details of their investigations to help support and consolidate a case.

How Soon After Settlement Can You Receive Your Compensation?

The duration taken before a settlement in a tort case varies from case to case. Usually, when reaching a group settlement, plaintiffs receive compensation after many requirements are complete. Among these requirements touch on subrogation interest or government lien. It may take a significant amount of time before the accused resolves the issues to allow settlement.

Robert J. DeBry & Associates Car Accident Lawyers Can Help 

Contact your experienced car accident lawyers to help get justice if you have used a defective product.

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