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How to Be Safe When Driving Across A Railroad

After not seeing a train on the tracks day after day when driving over a railroad, most drivers don’t think about the possibility of an accident. But, even when the danger is not imminent, the case of running into a car accident or needing a car accident attorney is still entirely accurate.

Safety Tips for When Crossing a Railroad

1. There’s Always the Possibility of a Train Being on the Tracks

If a vehicle is on the railroad, the train may not stop in time to avoid a collision because of the tremendous weight it carries. As such, drivers should only cross the railroad when it is clear that there is no train in sight.

2. The Train Has the Right of Way

The train has the right to cross first, and vehicles should yield. Most collisions happen because the drivers insist on the crossing, hoping to beat the train despite the activated signals at the intersection. To avoid accidents, always yield to the train.

3. The Train Is Closer and Moves Faster Than Drivers Presume

A review of the collisions at highway-rail crossings shows that vehicles run into the train’s side in a fourth of the accident. The hit is indicative of a driver miscalculating and driving too fast in the hope of getting the car past the crossings before the train arrives. But going by the statistics, these drivers inaccurately judge the train’s speed. The train always gets there sooner, and the result is catastrophic.

4. Heed the Warning Signs at the Crossings

The warning signs at the crossings are as meaningful as the traffic lights on a road. If ignored, the situation could dramatically turn tragic, necessitating some emergency medical services and, at least, a car accident attorney. Drivers should be cautious and observe the warning signs.

Drivers should be careful while crossing the railroad. The risk of a collision is high even when there is no train in sight. But, in the event of an accident, it’s best to call a car accident attorney from Robert J. Debry & Associates to assess the extent of the accident and help determine the way forward.

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