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How Personal Injury Attorneys resolve Cases

About 39 million people in the United States require medical attention from multiple personal injuries every year. A personal injury attorney helps injured individuals get compensated for someone else’s act that causes harm.

Many situations can give rise to personal injury claims and may not always result in legal liability. Some of the common kinds of personal injury cases include medical malpractice, car accidents, dog bites, and slip and fall cases.

‘Do I need an Attorney? This is a question that individuals ask themselves after a severe accident. You should contact a lawyer soon to resolve your case.

How Personal Injury Attorneys Can Help You

A personal injury attorney can help you investigate the accident to find out how it occurred and who bears the liability. In the case of a car accident, an attorney can access the driver’s logbook, public records concerning past accidents, and check car repair reports to come up with solid evidence.

An attorney will represent you in court to obtain compensation. Personal injury attorneys can explain all damages you are entitled to before the court and negotiate on your behalf to ensure that you get a just outcome.

At times, an insurance company can offer to pay your medical bills and some money, a lawyer can advise you on how much compensation you should expect and the right time to accept the offer.

Such an attorney can help you get the response you need from an insurance company after an accident and inform you of the likely penalties the insurance company will face if it fails to accept your claim.

Find An Attorney You Can Trust

Robert J. Debry & Associates has over 250 years of experience handling personal injury cases. If you need a lawyer, the attorneys at our firm can help you negotiate with insurance companies to protect your rights and get you the compensation you deserve. Our lawyers work with clients with car accidents, wrongful deaths, or slip and fall personal injury cases.

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