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How Does a Wrongful Death Occur?

A Wrongful Death Attorney Can Help You Claim Compensation

Life is precious, and no one would ever wish to die, especially due to another person’s reckless actions. For instance, according to CDC, there were 130,557 unintentional deaths reported in 2013. A wrongful death occurs when a party acts negligently and disregards another person’s safety causing their death. This post outlines how wrongful death occurs and when you could hire a wrongful death attorney.

Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice occurs due to the professional negligence of medical practitioners such as nurses and doctors. They may fail to follow the correct procedures by taking shortcuts resulting in misdiagnosis or failing to diagnose a condition, hence causing the patient’s death. When this happens, you can contact a wrongful death attorney to help you file a lawsuit against those liable and get compensation for the loss of your loved one.

Accidents at the Workplace

Wrongful death can occur in worksites such as construction, mining, and manufacturing plants. It happens when an employer puts an employee in a dangerous situation without regarding their life, and the employee dies. If your loved ones have lost their lives in work-related accidents, you can file a lawsuit against the reckless employer with the assistance of a wrongful death attorney.

Product defects

Defective products may include toxic foods, faulty pharmaceuticals, and automobiles. When a person dies due to using inferior products, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers are held accountable for failing to test the products to ensure they are safe before selling to consumers. Filing a lawsuit against the negligent parties will repay you for your loved one’s death.

Car Accidents

Wrongful deaths due to car accidents result from negligent driver actions such as overspeeding, reckless driving, or drunk driving. When this happens, a wrongful death attorney can help you sue the careless driver. The lawyer will prove to the court a duty owed, and you’ll be compensated.

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