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How Car Accidents Can Cause Spinal Injuries

A car accident can damage the spinal cord and cause severe injuries. It is important to call a personal injury lawyer from our team Robert J. DeBry & Associates after an accident if you have experienced any type of pain or injury. We will help you receive compensation that may help you cover more medical costs. 

How Car Accidents Cause Spinal Injuries

  • A car accident blows the spinal cord and the neighboring tissues such as the vertebrae, ligaments, and discs.
  • The trauma breaks the vertebrae or crushes and dislocates the sensitive tissues.
  • Some spinal cord injuries cause bleeding.
  • The nervous system experiences severe damage if the injury spreads to the spinal cord.
  • The effects of the injuries depend on the severity of the car accident.

Common Car Accident Spine Injuries


Whiplash is a typical car accident. Whiplash occurs when the neck suddenly snaps back and forth in a swift movement. Whiplash sounds much like the cracking of a whip when it happens. Whiplash results in trauma in the neck tissues. Whiplash can occur a few days after the accident. Its symptoms are depression, dizziness, and disturbance in sleep.

Herniated Disc

The discs in the spine are responsible for cushioning the spine as they act as shock absorbers. The discs have a soft, jelly-like center and a strong exterior. A herniated disc happens when the soft center leaks via a crack in the body, placing pressure on the neighboring nerves. The symptoms of Herniated disc are;

  • Muscle weakness near the weak nerves
  • Sharp burning pain radiating from the shoulders
  • Tingling and numbness in the legs and arms

Vertebral Fractures

The vertebral bones are susceptible to severe injury. It is essential to see a doctor when suspecting spinal injury in cases such as these.

Hiring a Personal injury lawyer 

It is wise to consider working with a personal injury lawyer after an accident you may have been injured. The attorneys from our firm have experience in helping you get compensation for problems such as;

  • Loss of employment benefits
  • Termination of ability to earn income
  • Medical bills and physician appointments

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