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Have a Great 4th of July…Safely

Firework Safety Tips from a Personal Injury Lawyer

Millions of Americans celebrate the 4th of July, New Year’s Eve, and birthdays with fireworks. Fireworks are flashy, loud, and fun. They’re also very dangerous. Thousands of people hurt themselves every year celebrating with fireworks. Remember: those are chemical explosions you’re using for fun!

The attorneys at Robert J. DeBry & Associates want to offer you these tips to stay safe this year:

  1. Fireworks aren’t for young children.

Sparklers are no laughing matter. Those bright, innocent-looking lights burn at over 2,000 degrees–hot enough to burn some metals. Over 30% of the injuries reported from fireworks were for children under the age of 14. Never allow young children to use sparklers without adult supervision. Try glow sticks or streamers.

  1. Always keep water near you.

Over 18,000 fires each year can be linked back to the irresponsible use of fireworks. Never set off fireworks in prohibited areas or near homes. Always douse spent fireworks to ensure hot embers don’t spark fires.

  1. Stand clear–eye injuries are very common.

Most people know that fireworks cause injuries to hands and feet. However, almost 20% of firework injuries involve someone’s eyes. Never stand close to lit fireworks and always keep a safe distance.

  1. Firework didn’t light? Don’t try again.

Sometimes, a bottle rocket or sparkler won’t seem to light. This can be a very dangerous situation. It can be difficult to tell whether or not a certain firework has caught fire sometimes. In most cases, if it didn’t light, try a different one. Don’t approach or pick up fireworks that haven’t lit up fully.

  1. Don’t use bottles with bottle rockets.

Although it is implied by the name, setting off explosive devices inside or near glass bottles is a recipe for disaster. Bottle rockets can shatter or explode glass bottles, sending shrapnel through the air.

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