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Getting Hurt at Work: What You Need to Know

Under Utah’s workers’ compensation laws, you may be eligible for funds for medical bills and lost wages. This is the case when your injuries result from a workplace accident. You might also qualify for permanent disability benefits.

Taking advantage of these benefits is challenging, especially when you are dealing with injury consequences and worrying about what happens next. This short (but comprehensive) guide explains the essential steps to take to qualify for workers’ compensation.

What to Do After Your Workplace Injury

Strive to hire a personal injury attorney immediately to ensure you protect your rights. The experienced lawyers at Robert J. Debry and Associates will inform you of the steps to take (and when to take them) to qualify for workers’ compensation benefits. They are as follows:

  • Inform your employer of the accident: You have 30 days to notify your manager or supervisor of your workplace accident. With an occupational illness, you have 30 days from the first signs of your sickness.
  • Fill out an injury report: The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) makes it mandatory for employers to have workplace injury reports available for employees. When you deal with an injury on the job (or because of it), be sure to fill out a statement, even if your employer says it’s unnecessary.
  • Get medical help immediately: No matter how minor you think your injuries are, taking this measure ensures you receive proper medical care. It also protects you if there are any disputes with your employers’ insurance company about your injuries being work-related.
  • File a claim: Submit your request for workers’ compensation benefits with Utah’s Division of Workers’ Compensation within two years of your illness or injury to qualify for workers’ comp benefits.

We’ve all heard the tragic events that occur when employees get hurt on the job. Protect your rights by contacting the experienced attorney at RJB and associates. Over the years, we’ve built a reputation for protecting personal injury victims’ rights. We are also well-known for getting clients the compensation and help they deserve. Let us do the same for you.


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