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How to Get Your Workforce CPR and First Aid Certified

Having a workforce that is CPR and first aid certified can not only protect employers from personal injury and wrongful death suits, but also make employees feel safer in the workplace. Getting your workforce CPR and first aid certified isn’t as difficult as it may sound. Even smaller cities such as Farmington, Utah have a variety of certification options for employers. No matter where you choose to complete your training, courses in either CPR or first aid each take about three hours to complete.

American Heart Association

The American Heart Association (AHA) has offices and affiliates all over the United States. The AHA offers traditional classroom training in CPR and first aid as well as a blended learning experience, which combines online courses with in-person practice and testing. Both options will teach your employees what to do in case of an emergency, protecting both the employer and the employees from a wrongful death claim.

American Red Cross 

The American Red Cross offers similar classroom and online certification options as the AHA, and will also come to you and provide on-site training from a certified instructor. If you’d like to have your own instructor in-house, you can send a company representative to the American Red Cross to be trained and certified in teaching CPR and first aid — your newly certified representative can then lead classes in the workplace. The American Red Cross also hosts regularly scheduled community classes in cities such as Farmington that are open to members of the public.

Local Hospitals and Fire Departments 

Most fire departments hold regular CPR and first aid certification classes that are open to their communities. Often they are willing to come to your workplace and educate employees on proper procedure, helping to save lives and protect against wrongful death. Local hospitals frequently host community courses as well.

Local Colleges and Universities

If your company is located near a college or university, chances are it offers CPR and first aid certification to the public. Employers in Farmington can find certification courses offered at Davis Applied Technology College as well as nearby Westminster College and the University of Utah.

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