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What to Do When You Get into an Accident with Another Boat

It may seem odd to imagine a motor vehicle accident anywhere besides the roads, but even in open waters, accidents can happen. No different from an auto accident, boat accidents can be extremely dangerous. It is crucial for the boat operators and other responsible adults involved to handle the situation properly. After an accident occurs, the driver of the vessel needs to stop immediately and go through the following steps.

  1. Help Others In Distress – If you are in a boat accident, before anything else it is most important to ensure the safety of others. Tend to anyone that has sustained a personal injury and make sure that no one else is in a situation where they might be inflicted with further damage. Double check that no one is missing, fallen overboard, or might slip and fall over anything that came dislodged. 
  2. Notify Law Enforcement – If you discover that someone is missing, requires medical assistance beyond first-aid, or dies, contact the nearest law enforcement officer. If everyone is safe but there is damage that looks to surpass $2,000, also notify an officer.
  3. Exchange Contact Information – Once order is established and everyone is safe, reach out to the driver, owner or anyone with a personal injury on the other boat. 
  4. Stay On The Site Of The Accident – It is against the law to leave the premises of the accident before completing the steps listed above.
  5. Submit An Accident Report – Within 10 days, you are also required to fill out a boat owner/operator accident report. You can pick up the correct documentation from a park ranger or from

Usually, accidents take place due to the following situations: bad weather, boat malfunctions, intoxicated drivers, simple driving errors, or lack of boat navigating experience. If you get injured without fault, you should be compensated for. To receive the coverage you deserve, the claim process, legal fees, case settlements, and such can be tricky to do on your own. 

The attorneys and lawyers at Robert J. DeBry care for you and want you to get what you deserve in the easiest manner possible. For help, be sure to contact us for any questions about your case, and rest assured because we do not get paid until you do. 

If no accident or personal injury has come to you, remember these steps the next time you are out enjoying the many wonderful boating opportunities throughout Utah, and stay alert.

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