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Game Day Traffic

It’s game day, that means its time to put on the Utah Red, BYU Royal/Navy, or Aggie blue, and pack up the car. 

In Utah, we have five large universities, three of which have big-time football programs that drive in tens of thousands of fans to their campus on Saturdays with a home game. Even with the ongoing expansion of I-15 across the entire valley, these games can create heavy bumper-to-bumper traffic that can extend dozens of miles. To make matters worse, along these busy roads and energy-filled vehicles, accidents occur quite frequently. The best way to salvage the situation if you are in one of these accidents is to contact a car accident lawyer.

One of the reasons some of these accidents happen is because other drivers on the road are not accustomed to the game-day traffic. While many of the drivers may be used to the bumper-to-bumper traffic from their commute to work every day, others might not be. In areas with heavy traffic, it is easy to misread the road or the pace of other vehicles. Car accident lawyers will tell you that the most frequent kind of car accident in these situations is rear-ended accidents, but the intensity of these accidents can vary from light to severe.

As a driver, it is easy to get distracted by the pre-game radio show, talking excitedly about game predictions with others in the vehicle, trying to give other game-attending friends directions, or, worst of all, checking up on the latest buzz of the game on Twitter. Any accident that inflicts significant damage to an individual or the vehicle due to one of these factors will likely qualify as a case that a car accident lawyer may be able to help with.

Car accident lawyers will essentially analyze a case, take care of the damage-related paperwork, negotiate with the third-party insurance company or individual, and find a settlement for their client to receive compensation that suits what they deserve. One of the worse things that could happen to you on a game day is to get in a wreck, but to avoid making a mountain out of an anthill, consider hiring a car accident lawyer for the reasons shared above, and so you don’t have to stress about the upcoming issues related to the accident while you are at the game.

Whether you are a season ticket holder and have experience driving in the heavy traffic game-day traffic, or you are attending the game for the first time, be cautious, courteous, and avoid any possible distractions while you make your way to the stadium. Even if you are familiar with heavy traffic from your daily work commute, the roads and traffic conditions are likely different—plus, accidents can happen to anyone.

If you are involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault, contact one of our car accident lawyers at Robert J. DeBry for a free consultation today.

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