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Everything You Need To Know To Bring & Succeed In A Defamation Lawsuit

Defamation, when your reputation has been injured by the false written or spoken words of another. An experienced personal injury lawyer can hold the liable party accountable. Here’s what you need to know.

There are four key elements to any defamation lawsuit, and while each state has its requirements, the following are needed to sustain defamation actions in most jurisdictions.

The Statement Must Be False

This is where all defamation actions begin or end. If a wife takes out an ad in the local newspaper accusing her husband of infidelity, no defamation action against her will stands if he has committed adultery. Truth is the ultimate defense.

The Statement Must Be Published

“Published” in the defamation context means that the statement had to be heard or read by a third party. It does not necessarily mean that the statement appeared in the newspaper as in the example above. A lie said to you about you by another, while hurtful, is not defamation, but that same lie left on a friend’s voicemail potentially is.

The Statement Must Have Caused Injury

False words are harmful. They can hurt one’s reputation and employment. Much goes into proving injury, and no two cases are the same. A skillful personal injury lawyer will help you identify and present your damages to a jury, if necessary.

The Statement Must Not Be Privileged

In some cases, false statements may not be deemed actionable because the statement is “privileged,” exceptions carved out by legislators for public policy reasons. Examples of privileged false statements are those made during testimony in a court and, perhaps not surprisingly, statements made by lawmakers in the legislative chamber.

A lawsuit is the only way to seek redress when you have been defamed. An experienced personal injury lawyer can obtain the compensation you deserve. Contact Robert J. DeBry & Associates for a free consultation.

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