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DUI Laws in Utah

Driving under the influence (DUI) refers to a driver being “incapable of safely operating a vehicle.”

A driver may be considered to be driving under the influence when they are driving under the following circumstances:

  1. Under the influence of drugs 
  2. Have a blood alcohol concentration of .05% or more

Additionally, it is illegal for drivers who are younger than 21 to operate a vehicle under the influence of any level of alcohol. In 2017, there were 53 fatalities caused by drunk driving in Utah. 53 of these fatalities were 5 of 53 were caused by drivers under the age of 21. 

If a driver is found to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol during driving, they may be subject to the following penalties depending on how many DUI offenses are on their record. 

  • Jail time (2 days mandatory or 48 hours of community service)
  • USD Fine (Minimum of $1310)
  • License Suspension 

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After your DUI arrest, you may have questions. Will you face a jail term? Can you still keep your DL? How much does a DUI cost? Will I need a personal attorney? To that end, we have an in-depth guide at Robert J. DeBry & Associates

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