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Don’t Drive Distracted

In the state of Utah alone, auto accidents accounted for a total of 274 fatalities in 2015 — which is a notable increase from 2014. Out of the 274 fatalities, 27 of those were caused by distracted driving — something that might require a lawyer to help you out in court.

It can be hard to stay focused on the road, so here are some ways to keep yourself focused on the road so you can travel safely through Salt Lake City or elsewhere.

Turn Off Your Phone

Turn of your phone when you drive, especially on long drives to St. George from Salt Lake City, or consider buying one of the many apps that help prevent texting and driving. One such app alerts people who are trying to text or call you that are driving, and as such cannot answer the phone. Compared to car damage, insurance or lawyer fees, a free app is more than worth the cost.

Know Where Your Final Destination Is

Another tip to avoid distracted driving is to know exactly where you’re going before you leave. Looking down at a GPS or a map on a phone takes your eyes off the road for a few seconds, and could cause an auto accident. If you do need to look at a map, pull off the road instead. Cities on a grid, such as Salt Lake City, are a pretty easy to navigate — just make sure you know your north from your south.

Minimize Candidate Distractions

Make sure your passengers aren’t contributing to distracted driving. Looking back at your children when you’re driving is a big hazard, and if your children aren’t buckled in properly they’re at an even higher risk of injury. Make sure objects on your front seat are secured and are not going to roll around; this will keep you focused on the road, keep your hands on the steering wheel and help you avoid an auto accident.

So do yourself a favor and be aware when driving, and avoid a potential accident. Not only could it save you money on insurance or a lawyer, it could save your life.

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