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Donald Harvey’s Life And Crimes

Donal Harvey was an American serial killer who claimed to have killed 87 people. Investigations revealed that he killed 37 to 57 people during his career as a hospital orderly. His murder spree spanned seventeen years, from 1970 to 1987. Harvey claimed to have started killing his patients as acts of mercy, but he grew to enjoy killing.

Early Life

Donald came from a broken home and was even dropped as a child. He was an anti-social and quiet kid, which led to bullying and physical abuse. Despite dropping out of school, he got his GED and soon found a job at Marymount Hospital in London, Kentucky, where his reign of terror began.


The first man Donald Harvey killed was an 88-year-old who rubbed feces in his face. His first mercy kill was 42-year-old Elizabeth Wyatt, who he killed to spare her from suffering. Interestingly, Donald was arrested in 1971 for burglary while drunk. He babbled about his killings, but the authorities dismissed him with only a petty theft charge. Mr. Harvey’s modus operandi was to kill patients at the hospital he worked at by smothering them with pillows and plastic bags.

Investigation and Sentencing

In 1987, Donald became a suspect in a murder when a biopsy showed signs of cyanide. After investigations during the year, he pleaded guilty to 24 counts of murder and was convicted. Donald was beaten to death in his cell twenty years later.

Donald Harvey is one of the most devastating serial killers in American history. A personal injury lawyer at Robert J. DeBry & Associates has brought this story to you to spread awareness of the crimes and justice received over many serial killer cases. A personal injury lawyer can help you to receive the justice you deserve in a wrongful death case. 

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