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Does My Insurance Have A Car Accident Lawyer?

Your insurance company has a lawyer ready to defend you. Every car Insurance policy has a rule that the insurer should provide a lawyer if you get involved in a car accident. However, this rule has some exceptions.

In some cases, your insurance is right to deny you a lawyer. Exceptions which Insurance firms fail to provide you with a car accident lawyer are:

When You Are at Fault in a Car Accident

Our lawyers at Robert J. DeBry & Associates have your back when this happens. We assess damages and represent your case. Our competent car accident lawyers protect you from paying more than you should or getting your charges dropped. We come up with counterclaims based on the events that can get you off the hook.

When Damages Exceed the Company Policy

Sometimes the damages caused by a car accident are more than the insurance company can pay. Your cover may not be enough to compensate the other party fully. Here you have to hire a lawyer yourself.

If You Fail to Inform Your Insurance in Good Time

If the timeframe in which you should inform your insurance of accident lapses, they are free of responsibility. You can no longer hold them accountable for paying the damages. Should this happen, our car accident lawyers will handle your case to completion.

If you are the victim yet your insurance denies your claims, we will help you. We compel them to repay you.

Let Us Defend You

Our lawyers work hard to give you legal cover if your insurance fails to provide you with an attorney. Contact Robert J. DeBry & Associates for quality attorney services in car accidents. Your peace after an accident is our motivation.

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