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The Development of Car Safety Features

Auto safety has come a long way since the development of the first mobile vehicle. Since then, manufacturers have been implementing features to help drivers be both more comfortable and safer while on the road. Whether you’re in the crowded streets of downtown Salt Lake City or in the clear roads of rural Utah, you know that being on the road is risky.

From reducing the dangers of an auto accident to improving comfortability, safety features such as seatbelts and headrests have made driving safer than ever. Here are some of the most beneficial features to be brought to the auto world.

Padded Dashboards

In 1948, Preston Tucker launched the “Torpedo”, a vehicle that introduced the padded dashboard. This was meant invented to reduce the damage to the head and chest in case of a car accident. You may still have to contact your lawyer, but at least you don’t have to worry about taking a hard dash to the face.


Headrests were introduced in 1921 by Benjamin Katz. The main reason for headrests wasn’t for comfortability, though it’s an added bonus, but to reduce the damage of whiplash. In case of a collision, the headrest is meant to catch your head if it whips back on impact.

Laminated Wind Shield

Henry Ford introduced the first wind shield in 1927. These “screens” were made of two sheets of laminated glass with a clear plastic film in the middle to hold them together. The purpose was to prevent the glass from shattering into hundreds of pieces in an auto accident.

The First Seat Belt

Excelsior Motor Company introduced the first inertia-reel seat belt to help prevent major bodily injuries in case of collisions. This seat belt is adjustable while being fastened and locks when the driver brakes rapidly.

Though these safety features are meant to spare you the injuries that come with a collision, you should still contact a lawyer to get compensation for possibly injuries and damage to your vehicle. Contact our professional attorney team at Robert J. DeBry and Associates to receive the help you deserve.


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