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Determining Fault In An Auto Accident

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Car accidents happen fast, and it’s not always readily apparent who is at fault right after one occurs. You may think that the other driver is at fault, but that person may be just as vehement that it was you that did something wrong. If you’ve been in a car accident, contact a car accident attorney today. 

Who gets to determine what happened?

When accidents occur, the individuals involved should first call the police and have the authorities come to the scene. Whether anyone is hurt or not, this is always a good first step. They can talk to each individual involved, write up statements, and even talk to other witnesses. Based on what they see and hear, they may be able to determine fault with ease.

The insurance companies are going to be another determining factor in who is at fault. Once you file a claim report with the insurance provider you use, they will assign you a claims adjuster. That person will do a full report on the situation and perhaps determine fault based on the conditions, the damage to the vehicles, and other variables.

It is also wise to consult with a doctor and get a checkup, even if you feel like you are all in one piece and everything is okay. You might have something lingering that comes out later, like perhaps whiplash, back injuries, or something else, and it’s best to have a doctor treating you as early as possible in any such situation.

Choose a Car Accident Attorney from Robert J. DeBry & Associates 

You may also want to speak with a car accident attorney to determine whether or not you have a good case to claim in court. You won’t know what you deserve unless you check out the situation with experts who know the law and what you are eligible for because of the circumstances you were put into. 

Consulting with a car accident attorney is free, and you can figure out where you stand at no cost to you. 

Call the professionals at Robert J. Debry & Associates for details.

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