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The Dangers of Snow Forts

The first heavy snowfall of the year creates many mixed emotions. For a lot of people snow brings up negativity—there’s dangerous driving, traffic and shoveling. For the others, typically younger generations, it means time to play in the snow and build forts.

At Robert J. DeBry & Associates, we’re here to tell you that however fun it is to build these forts, it can also be very dangerous. With the heavy snowfall we receive in Salt Lake City, it’s important to exercise proper caution to prevent personal injury or death. No matter how sturdy you believe your fort is, accidents can happen and we always have a lawyer ready to help.

Structural Design

If you decide to make a snow fort, the biggest consideration is the structural design. There are many options, which include: the traditional igloo, digging out a snow drift, building walls like a castle or carving out a snow bank.

Each one of these comes with their own risk and requires certain knowledge to build safely. A lawyer here at Robert J. DeBry & Associates won’t be much help when it comes to building tips for snow forts but they’re always ready to answer any questions about personal injury.

We suggest building a snow fort like a castle minus the roof. There are still plenty of options to build a really neat fort without enclosing it. The majority of accidents that result in personal injury occur from the collapse of roofs. This often happens because the snow can’t support the weight of the roof and it caves in, trapping the person or people inside.

Build With a Partner

An important reminder is to always build your fort with another person. If someone were to get buried by them self, it would be nearly impossible for them to get out or call for help without assistance.

Winter should be a time for fun. Here at Robert J. DeBry & Associates, we encourage you to enjoy the snow safely, knowing that we always have a lawyer looking out for your best interest.


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