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Do I Need a Lawyer as a Passenger?

You hear the crash and are jolted back into reality. Your eyes weren’t even on the road, since you were enjoying the luxury of being a passenger. When you’re in an auto accident, it can lead to confusing aftermath.

The situation gets complicated when you are trying to figure out who is liable for what damage. If you are a passenger, you know that you won’t held liable for those costs. However, as a passenger should you start looking into a lawyer to handle the case?

Determine Fault

The most important part is determining which party is at fault in the car accident. An investigation can be launched to review reports to determine whose fault it is—emphasizing the importance of contacting the authorities. When it comes to witnesses, their accounts will become extremely valuable.

The Driver’s Insurance

If you are a passenger in an accident in West Valley City, Utah, reach out to a lawyer on our team to navigate this process. If you are in the car that was at fault, the passenger can file a claim against the driver’s insurance policy (saving your cash when it comes to medical bills).

The passenger will be able to have these expenses covered in addition to gaining the opportunity to receive financial compensation for their injuries.

The Other Driver’s Insurance

If the other driver is at fault, you can still receive coverage z driver’s insurance. It is possible to receive compensation from multiple drivers. If both drivers are liable, you can receive compensation from both drivers.

Passenger’s Policy

If you are a passenger in an accident, you may have the option to file a claim against the medical payments under your own insurance. This helps you avoid the run around that you may experience. The downside is that the cost of pain and suffering isn’t included in this plan.

Legal Assistance

The legal process after being in a car accident can be difficult to process when you’re shaken up. If you were a passenger, be sure to take care of your own medical needs. Hire a lawyer to consult and help you with the rest of the process.


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