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The Dangers and Prevention of Roof Avalanches

Typically, when people think of avalanches, the last place they think of one happening is in an urban setting. It’s often because of this lack of thought that roof avalanches are so dangerous. Most people aren’t aware of them, nor are they looking out for them.

This can lead to a higher chance of personal injury, or if it’s your roof that injures someone else can lead to a wrongful death suit. That’s bound to be a long conversation with your lawyer.

Here at Robert J. DeBry & Associates, the last thing we want to hear is that you’ve lost a loved one to an accident that could have easily been prevented. However, we also know that accidents happen and we always have a lawyer prepared to defend you at your most sensitive times.

Know What to Look For

Roof avalanches are most likely to occur after large snowstorms where several inches or more accumulate on buildings. From Ogden down to the Provo, Utah area, this occurs quite frequently during the winter months.

After one of these large snowstorms, stray away from walking underneath buildings with steeply pitched roofs—especially those with a pitch of 30 degrees or more. These are much more prone to roof avalanches and an increased risk of personal injury.

Take Preventative Action

We know the key to minimizing accidents is to take preventative measures. This means mitigating risk if at all possible. Be proactive about preventing roof avalanches by installing a snow retention system on steep areas of your roof. This will help keep snow on your roof and allow it to melt naturally. Taking actions like this will help protect you from negligence that ends with a conversation with your lawyer.

Understanding the dangers of, and how to prevent roof avalanches will help keep you and your neighbors safe. This allows you to enjoy winter and the entire freezing season without the hassle of dealing with an injury.


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