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Banned Appetite Suppressants

You’re thinking about shedding some extra pounds for that special anniversary trip to Salt Lake City or even just to fit in those pants from your college years. You research for easy ways to accomplish your goals and you come across these “magic” supplements that claim a quick and effective way without exercising.

You forget the dangers about drug injury that result in 117,000 hospitalizations every year. There are appetite suppressants that are banned by the FDA because they cause negative effects like birth defects, high blood pressure and even heart problems.

Ephedra: 90’s Quick Fix

Women oftentimes take dangerous risks in order to cut down on eating. Drug injury cases are related to supplements and medications that causes many complications, such as liver injury and heart attacks. Although it was an herbal supplement, it doesn’t automatically mean it’s healthy for the body.

It came from a Chinese plant-based herb called “ma huang,” that became illegal in 2004 because one of the side effects resulted in death. Unfortunately, there are still herbal supplements out on the market that aren’t approved by the FDA. Taking these can cause many serious side effects. Make sure you notify a lawyer if you’ve developed serious side effects that are wrecking your life.

Meridia: Modern Craze

Sibutramine is chemically engineered and, to put it in simple terms, it sends your brain signals that you’re full. This helps you avoid stuffing your face with sugary desserts. Although, it helped people lose some weight short term, it also had some long term side effects that made the FDA pull these out of the market. To avoid a drug injury, speak to your lawyer about the risks about taking an unknown supplement.

The Overall Risks With Appetite Suppressants

You might lose weight by taking appetite suppressants, but it will only be short term. Your best option would be to maintain a healthy and balanced diet that includes moderate exercise. If you’re taking a supplement and you’re having serious side effects, it’s important to contact your lawyer, who will build a drug injury case so you won’t have to stress about the paperwork.

Your lawyer will help understand how the case is built and what evidence and medical paperwork you need to provide.


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