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The Dangers of Improper Car Maintenance: Taillight Out

Arguably, brake lights are the most important light on a vehicle. These lights signal to drivers behind that there will be a change in the flow of traffic. In many cases, brake lights will help prevent accidents from spiraling out of control, as they alert drivers behind of trouble ahead. If you experienced an accident in which broken tail lights were partially to blame, you will find that the expert advice of a car accident lawyer will help sort through the liability and potentially save you frustration, time, and the big one, money.

It is possible to replace your own tail lights with the correct parts and proper instructions, but it is best to leave this job to the professionals. In fact, some insurance policies require that these tail lights are maintained and replaced by licensed experts. If you replace your own tail lights—either to save money or to practice car maintenance—but end up in an accident as a result of your self-repaired tail lights, you might find yourself in trouble. However, the opposite is true—if you hit a vehicle with faulty taillights, a professional car accident lawyer can assist in working through any legal issues.

Let’s say that your tail light has been cared for by proper mechanic hands, there are still other some problems that can occur. Considering some vehicles’ brake lights are wired together with turning signals, it can also be dangerous when the driver changes lanes with the taillight out. Essentially, there are a number of tricky accidents that can be caused by faulty or broken tail lights. If a faulty or broken tail light was replaced or maintained by a dealership, that company could possess some of the liability. If a small, local mechanic was responsible for the labor—but not the parts—there could be a shared liability. If the blame doesn’t fall on the driver entirely, it will most likely fall on the auto shop or the manufacturer.

No matter the situation, speaking with and retaining a professional car accident attorney will be the best way to figure out where the fault falls. Broken tail lights do not need to break the bank. Speak with an expert car accident lawyer or attorney instead.

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