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Bike Helmet Safety2020-07-10T14:38:35-06:00

Save a Life Helmet Safety Campaign.

COVID-19 Advisory

To the valued members of our community, we are continuing to do what we can to encourage social distancing and safety, yet still trying to accommodate the need for bicycle helmets. We have suspended all in-office helmet sales, however, we will take helmet orders by email. Please email your helmet request to [email protected]. Include your phone number, number of helmets needed, and age/gender for each helmet. We will do our best to fulfill orders to your specifications, but cannot guarantee a perfect match. Thank you for your understanding, and thank you for partnering with Robert DeBry & Associates to promote safety and public health.

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The children’s bike helmet program—Save a Life Helmet Safety Campaign—provides useful safety tips for parents and children as well as the opportunity to purchase high-quality children’s helmets. All helmets are certified by the Consumer Product Safety Commission and provided at a reduced cost of $5 and $10.

Get Your Child’s Helmet

To pick up a bike helmet and a free cycling safety brochure that includes information on how to properly select and fit a bike helmet, give us a call at (801) 699-9999 or stop by one of our two office locations in Salt Lake City or St. George.

The Save a Life Story

Tony Hyde of Salt Lake City inspired our law firm to create the Save a Life Helmet Safety Campaign. While 15-year-old Tony was riding his bike, he collided with a jogger. Tony died from the traumatic brain injuries he sustained in the fall.

A helmet could have saved his life. Tony’s story has inspired our team and many people in our community to wear helmets—and Save a Life.

Please visit our offices in St.George or Salt Lake City to pick up yours today, and don’t forget our adult size helmets are only $10