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Common Personal Injuries During the Winter

With the holidays around the corner, you have a long list of things to finish. Everyone is running around purchasing gifts, meeting up with family and trying to get everywhere they need to be. Don’t ruin your holidays rushing around and end up in a car accident or sustaining a personal injury.

During the winter, personal injuries occur more often than during other seasons. Understand what injuries commonly occur and how you can get through winter season safely.

Car Accidents

Car accidents are far more common in the winter. Cold and icy conditions can make it more difficult to control your car. Weather can be a big problem when you’re on the roads, but another major factor when driving is all the people.

There are more drivers on the road driving for the holidays to see their friends and family. Especially on the actual holidays, people are more tempted to get behind the wheel intoxicated. Be careful when driving during the winter. If you do happen to get into an accident, contact a lawyer at Robert. J DeBry & Associates to help you through the process.

Slip and Fall

Due to ice and snow, slip and falls become rather common during the winter. While going out to shop or visiting a family members home, wear proper shoes to keep you from falling. If you do happen to slip and fall walking into the store in Provo, Utah, a lawyer can help you decide if you have a good case on your hands as far as your injury is concerned.


During the winter, there are more chances to get burned than you might think. Between space heaters, candles and holiday lights, there are injuries hiding around every corner. Be cautious when you are dealing with these materials.

If you are injured during the winter season, contact a lawyer at Robert J. DeBry & Associates. We can help you determine if you should open a case, and we promise to help you through the entire process.


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