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Common Causes of Intersection Accidents

Traffic laws seem trivial to many drivers. Perhaps this is the reason why about 165,000 accidents happen at intersections each year in the U.S. It is surprising that so many automobile accidents happen by running red lights when it is so easy to prevent. Traffic signals are placed to protect drivers on the road, but many still fail to follow basic traffic laws in Utah.

Speeding and Running Lights

One of the most common ways that drivers run red lights is by driving above the speed limit as they approach intersections. Yellow lights are designed to give drivers enough time to slow down for a stoplight. Speeding cars will not be able to stop in time. Adding both mistakes together is legally a double whammy

Impatience at the Intersection

Some drivers believe that the yellow light means to speed up instead of slow down. If drivers are caught speeding up as the light turns red while some other car decides to gun it, a T-bone wreck is likely to occur. Accidents due to speeding are more likely to result in serious injury or death.

Other Causes of Running Red Lights

Not every cause of an intersection wreck is manageable. Problems with traffic lights and slick roads can be unpredictable. Car maintenance can prevent accidents as well. Cars with failing brakes or flat tires may cause accidents at intersections due to their inability to stop in time.

Road rage, alcohol impaired driving and a inattentive driving are very preventable problems that also result in ignoring traffic laws. If a car crash is added to the mix, saying that the driver is in legal trouble is an understatement. Many accidents such as these result in the involvement of a wrongful death lawyer.

Victims of Traffic Accidents

Those who fall victim to an accident caused by another person running a red light should contact an attorney in Farmington, Utah who specializes in vehicle accidents immediately. A lawyer assist victims throughout the process of receiving compensation from a negligent driver. Lawyers are prepared to help to the victims of personal injury through each step of the legal process.

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