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Coming to Better Understand Dental Malpractice

These days, it seems that the legal term “medical malpractice” is constantly being tossed around on Utah’s many news networks. Usually, when discussed on radio or television programs, the aforementioned field of personal injury specialization is linked with a series of wrongful deaths and ends with victims being rightfully compensated for their troubles. However, with that in mind, there’s yet another type of medical malpractice which, due to its lack of publicity, is understood by few: dental malpractice.

Though medical malpractice generally deals with issues of diagnostic fallacy, improper medicinal application or faulty surgical theory, dental malpractice faces head-on incidents that occur in a dentist’s office. More often than not, any given person—whether they be from here in Utah or out on the East Coast—trusts wholeheartedly those who work on their teeth, just as a cardiologist, anesthesiologist or surgeon—by name alone—commands the respect of their respective patients. That being said, mistakes are still made.

While wrongful deaths associated with dental malpractice suits are rare, the additional treatment expenses derived therefrom can be difficult for patients to financially bear. Be it a breach of standard care, an unwarranted treatment or full-blown surgical blunder, it must be made known publicly that poor dentistry is punishable by law. As always, never hesitate to contact a local personal injury law firm to properly seek justice.

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