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The Sad Truths Behind Autism and Birth Injury

Truthfully, childbirth is one of life’s most beautiful, rewarding experiences. Whether you’re new to parenthood in Utah or are more than familiar with childrearing in other American states, welcoming a new child into the world is simply an unforgettable happening.

However, not all childbirths occur without their own respective flaws. For far too many hopeful adults, what should be a routine infant delivery turns into a series of heart-wrenching, emotional events, occasionally resulting in wrongful deaths. In fact, according to recent, in-depth research, there very well might be a strong link between attention deficits and birth injuries.

According to medical researcher Viola M. Frymann, at least 80 percent of children who battle ADD, ADHD or even Autism, underwent some sort of birth injury during the delivery process. Reports of her findings, “The most common injuries occurred during the labor and delivery period, a time in which the nervous system can be severely damaged, leading to cognitive and psychological problems.”

Typical birth-related injuries include, yet aren’t limited to forceps and vacuum extraction complications, erroneous epidural administrations and complex umbilical cord issues. With wrongful deaths and incidents of medical malpractice abounding here in Utah and elsewhere, it’s important to pay attention and stand up for those who can’t formally defend themselves: infants.

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