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College Is Back and so Is an Increase in Drowsy Driving

The dorms are inhabited, textbooks have been purchased and college campuses are full of life once more. Students from Farmington to the East Coast are about to dive into busy semesters once more. All too often these semesters filled with life and excitement can end up being dangerous, not only for the students, but for anyone else on the road.

College age students are at higher risk for a drowsy driving auto accident than anyone else on the road — they’re responsible for over half of the accidents nationally. To avoid needing to call your lawyer over a simple trip to the store, it’s important to stay aware of how you’re feeling at all times.

Drowsy Driving

Nearly 60 percent of drivers in America have admitted to driving while sleepy, and 37 percent admitted to falling asleep at the wheel at least once. For college student drowsy drivers this is due to the long hours spent studying and the all-nighters pulled. After dominating an anatomy exam it’s too easy to get the “I can handle this, I’ll be fine,” mindset — forgetting you may need a lawyer afterwards.

Wakefulness to sleep can happen in a matter of seconds, and can be the root cause of a serious auto accident. If your eyelids are heavy, you’re having memory problems and you find yourself yawning, you shouldn’t get behind the wheel. If you are already driving and you find that your head is hard to hold up and you’re drifting into other lanes, it may be time to let someone else drive.

Tips for Driving Safely This Semester

The most important thing students of any age can do this semester is to get enough sleep. For those college students who are feeling slightly fatigued, coffee is a simple way to get another burst of short-term energy. If you think you may be sleep deprived, avoid driving at night to avoid an auto accident.

Whether you’re a future lawyer, teacher or engineer, remember, friends don’t let friends drive drowsy.

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