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Car Maintenance Tips

Accidents can happen on any day at any given time, whether they’re the byproduct of distracted or reckless driving or drivers under the influence. While most accidents are caused by the negligence of a driver, there are instances when an auto accident has been caused by a car owner’s failure to properly maintain their vehicle. Car maintenance-related accidents happen more frequently than you’d expect, and in a paradoxical way, maintenance may cost you some money, but at the same time, it can help you save you in an auto accident case. Personal injury lawyers and attorneys always check to see if the accident is caused by a maintenance problem—it gives them and their client leverage. However, more important than money, it keeps you and others on the road safe.  

Driving safely goes far beyond just staying alert and respectful while on the road—it requires you to make sure your car is always ready for the road. From checking your tire pressure to repairing cracks in your windshield, there are a few things to do to ensure proper car maintenance.  

Proper Tire Maintenance 

A safe vehicle starts with the tires. You have to be able to rely on that rubber under your car to get you from point A to point B in a safe manner. Checking your tire pressure is the best way to make sure you don’t end up stranded on the side of the road[Symbol] or worse, in an accident. Aside from checking your tire pressure, you should also watch your tire tread. Every tire has a treadwear indicator bar at 2/32” of remaining tread. This bar indicates when your tire should be replaced to avoid a personal injury while on the road. If you continue to drive around on a worn tire, you won’t have as much traction on the road, which can lead to skidding and potentially a blown-out tire. If this happens, it is likely that a personal injury lawyer will not be able to do much for you. 

Checking your tire pressure, tread and rotating your tires every 3,000 miles is the best way to reduce the chances of getting in an accident. If your tires are lacking in tread, the best thing to do is to replace them. Properly maintained tires will help all drivers to avoid a common accident. 

Worn Out Brake Pads  

To understand brake failure, it’s important to understand how brakes work. Brakes function because of a liquid-based, hydraulic system. The brake fluid moved from the pedal and through the brake-line system, and since liquids can’t be compressed, they move. This movement pushes against the mechanism that stops the vehicle, resulting in a smooth brake. This means that the system is reliant on brake fluids, so it’s obvious that when the fluid runs out, problems will start to come up. 

Issues also occur when your brake pads start to wear down and start to get rusty. Be sure to get your brakes inspected every time you get your tires rotated to check for any problems with your brakes. Along with your tires, proper brake maintenance is crucial in staying safe on the road. 

Cracked Windshields  

While cracks and chips on your windshield may not seem like a big deal, they can lead to serious personal injury. Small chips can turn into giant cracks, which can obstruct your vision and cut down your reaction times. Not only this, but if left untreated, these cracks can lead to a shattered windshield. If you have chips in your windshield, it’s crucial to get them filled as soon as possible[Symbol] a cracked windshield should be replaced immediately. 

To this point, two exterior checks and one engine-related problem have been mentioned but there is so much more. Oil changes, updating your wipers, changing out your dim lights and more are all components to proper car maintenance. In order to avoid an accident, be sure to earnestly care for your car. If you were in a wreck be believe it is at the fault of another driver’s poor car maintenance, reach out to a personal injury lawyer for them to assess the situation—they will not charge you until after they win you your case.   

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