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Car Accidents: Why is Car Safety Ratings Important to Consider?

Advice from a Car Accident Attorney

Take it from a car accident attorney: choosing a vehicle is a major decision. You need to take the time to know what features are on each model so you can take home the right one for your needs. Safety is often the top priority.

When it comes to car safety ratings, you need to look for the right features that will keep you safe and prevent the need for a car accident attorney later on. 

Some of the top features to consider with your car safety rating include:

  • Accident avoidance: Do all the components work together to keep you safe on the road? Does it have emergency handling and braking to help?


  • Airbags: Airbags can keep you safe on the road. Consider whether the airbags do well in the model you want.


  • Anti-lock brakes: These brakes will prevent the wheel from freezing up when you push on the brakes. They are nice in areas with lots of ice and snow.


  • Electronic stability control: allows the driver to maintain control over the vehicle, even if they need to swerve quickly.


  • Rear-impact protection: This will keep you safe if you are hit from behind.


  • Seatbelts: Check that the seatbelts are correctly installed and considered safe.


  • Resistance to rollovers: Some more oversized vehicles are more likely to tip over. Check to see if that is a problem with the car that you want to drive.

Contact a Car Accident Attorney

At Robert J. DeBry & Associates, our team can provide you with the car accident attorney you need to help handle your case. We understand that even when you choose a safe car with a high car safety rating, an accident can happen. We can walk you through the process of handling your car accident to make sure you get the help you need. 

Contact us today to get started.

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