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What Insurance Companies Won’t Tell You After an Auto Accident

Car insurance companies are great a looking helpful right after a car accident when everything is still chaotic and stressful. However, once the dust settles, its not unusual for auto accident victims to discover that they’ve been underpaid in their compensation. As car accident lawyers, we see this happen all too often and we want you to feel empowered when approaching your insurance company. So here are some things you might hear that you should to take with a grain of salt:

Auto Insurance Claims

Often, insurance companies won’t tell you about claims available to you. They’ll say that your insurance covers only auto and some of the medical expenses. In reality, you can also obtain compensation for things like funeral expenses, pain and suffering, and lost wages. Car accident lawyers can help you understand what rights you are entitled to.

Fair Coverage

Remember that your definition of fair and your insurance company’s definition of fair may be two entirely different things. Even if they promise this kind of compensation for damages, stay on your guard. Insurance companies handle situations like yours all the time. Additionally, companies may tell you that you do not need to invest in car accident lawyers. Deciding to hire representation is entirely up to you, but know that many injury law firms don’t get paid unless they win your case, so it may be worth the investment after all.

In-Network Mechanics or Doctors

If you use an in-network mechanic or doctor, it saves the insurance company money. This is why they may try to push this option on you, making it sound like it is your only option if you want to receive compensation. Know that this isn’t the case. You can use your preferred services for repairing your car and working towards your own recovery. Just be sure to still follow the instructions your doctor gives you or it could hurt your case.

Insurance and other claims can feel intimidating and complicated, especially in the aftermath of a jolting auto accident. Our car accident lawyers have been around the block enough to understand these kinds of insurance tricks and we are here to help you get the compensation that you are entitled to.

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