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Maneuvering Stoplight Power Outages Safely

As drivers, we depend on traffic lights and road signs to guide us through congested traffic conditions. While road signs will most likely always be there to notify you of speed limits, stops, and school zones, there are times where you won’t be able to utilize the assistance of traffic lights. Whether this is the result of an auto colliding with a stoplight or the effects of adverse weather conditions, car accident lawyers will advise you that knowing exactly how to maneuver these outages is essential in avoiding an auto accident.

In this blog, we’re going to go over tips that will help you get through these power outages safely.

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Treat Intersections Like a Four-Way Stop

It can be stressful to approach a busy intersection in which the power has gone out. If you happen to be on the road when a power outage occurs, always treat the intersection like the four-way stop. Car accident lawyers will advise you to always yield to the right and to keep in mind that during a power outage, the normal flow of traffic will always be disrupted. Patience and awareness are the best way to navigate these conditions safely.

Follow Law Enforcements Guidance

In some cases, law enforcement officers will be dispatched to intersections to guide traffic. If this is the case in your area, always follow the officer(s) guidance. They are trained to handle these sorts of situations and by complying, you’ll keep yourself and others safe.

Remain Focused

As mentioned in the first paragraph, the normal flow of traffic will face disruptions during an outage. When faced with these circumstances, make sure to practice even more focus than usual

. Avoid any interruptions and focus solely on the road and your surroundings.

Power outages can frustrating, especially when they happen when you’re running late. However, by following the advice of car accident lawyers, you can avoid being involved in an auto accident and get to your destination safely.

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