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Can a Product be Considered Defective due to a Lack of Adequate Warnings?

We have grown to see warning labels on the items that we use daily. Sometimes we take the warnings for granted, not recognizing the dangers that may accompany our negligence. Manufacturers warn us to ensure we are safe while using their products.

Ideally, a consumer can file a case for being hurt after using a particular product. Often, many consumers lack knowledge about finding justice when conflicting with manufacturers. There is always the right channel to justice, and in this case, it is a personal injury attorney. You can trust Robert J. DeBry & Associates as they are competent enough to walk with you to justice.

When Manufacturers Can Be Sued for Failing to Warn

Below are some instances when an individual may need a personal injury attorney:

Inadequacy in Warning

Manufacturers can find themselves liable for product defects if they fail to give enough instructions concerning products. Many injuries originate from the errors that occur while using the product. Therefore, a manufacturer is responsible for warning the users about the hidden dangers of using a product.

Improper Labeling

Incorrect labeling can mislead customers and cause severe health risks. Sometimes a customer may be confused and misplace the package leading to eventual harm to other users, especially kids. This creates the need for a Personal Injury Attorney when all fingers point to the manufacturer as the problem causer.


Manufacturers can be liable for any product misrepresentations made to consumers or users if the misrepresentation causes the consumers or users to suffer any injury. A manufacturer can also be liable if it knowingly or recklessly omits to inform the consumers or users about any relevant facts or conceal those facts from the consumers or users.

No Instructions at All

Some products noticeably fall in defectives because their manufacturers fail to give instructions about their use. For instance, some garbage bags may not contain any instructions about using them. However, they are likely to explode and cause danger to the person handling the garbage. Ideally, such a case creates the need for a personal injury attorney if injuries are sustained while using the item.

Contact a Personal Injury Attorney Today

Has a defective product hurt you or any of your family, friend, or colleague? You deserve compensation to be able to cater to your medical bills or replace the money you lost. If you are worried about how to start claiming your compensation, do not hesitate to contact Robert J. DeBry & Associates for any inquiry or question.

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