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Bodily Injury vs. Personal Injury: What’s the Difference?

 What A Personal Injury Attorney Wants You to Know

Often, we have heard the phrases bodily injury and personal injury when someone has been hurt. There are times where this can tend to be used interchangeably, but they have different meanings. A personal injury attorney knows the difference. Here at Robert J. Debry & Associates, we love helping when we can, and we want you to know the difference. There are things that you should know when it comes to the two that will help you differentiate.

Bodily Injury

Bodily injury is when there have been specific damages sustained to the body of a person. A claim of this manner usually comes up in terms of insurance, particularly motor vehicle insurance. In most cases, the bodily injury concept means you’ll claim medical coverage from the driver at fault when there’s been an auto accident. 

Physical injury cases are in place for you to receive payment for any expenses you have that are out of pocket, lost wages, medical expenses, treatment procedures, therapy, being transported to the hospital, any lost earnings in any capacity.

Bodily injury is more limited. You’re looking to be compensated by the party’s insurance company who is at fault for the injuries that have been sustained.

Personal Injury

Personal injury is a component of civil law. When you have a personal injury claim, it’ll recompense victims of accidents or social wrongs, i.e., defamation of character. When looking at personal injury, there are generally statutory limitations you need to make your claim within.

A personal injury case is one in which the goal is to compensate the plaintiff (the injured party) for their injuries and losses. To do this, it must be shown that the defendant was negligent, causing said injuries and losses.

RJD & Associates know things may be difficult, especially in times of pain. If you need the help of a personal injury attorney, reach out. We’re here for you.

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