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  • Speeding Red Car With Lights
    If you’ve flipped on the news in the past couple of days, be it in St. George, Utah or elsewhere, odds are high that you’ve seen the Volkswagen name pop up a time or two. Unfortunately for all fans of the German car brand, the headlines haven’t been positive. You guessed it—once again, yet another major vehicle manufacturer is facing a widespread auto recall debacle. That said, there’s no need to fret or hire a
  • US Capitol
    From Provo, Utah to the East Coast, the medical technology industry is constantly working to provide both doctors and the sick and afflicted with the best equipment to increase the likelihood of timely, long-lasting recovery. While many an instrument has proven to successfully bring about the aforementioned, from time to time, less positive results are seen and an accident lawyer is brought in to make things right. Unfortunately, it appears that the power morcellator might
  • Supreme Court
    Truthfully, regardless of whether you live in Salt Lake City or some other picturesque American town, auto manufacturers greatly determine your safety while driving out on the open road. From the common car to the hardworking pickup, vehicles are complex feats of engineering. Though mistakes are bound to happen, they should be identified and dealt with well before an automotive product is released to the public, so as to avoid lawyer involvement. With respect to
  • Old Lady Wheel Chair
    From Farmington, Utah to the East Coast, spinal cord and slip and fall injuries occur with an impressive degree of regularity. In fact, the National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center estimates that up to 34 people suffer from a serious spinal cord injury every day. Regardless of age, spinal cord injuries are going to be serious matters, even if a lawyer needn’t be involved. That said, when both identified and treated promptly, oftentimes, physical damages
  • Motorcycle Accident 2
    More often than not, when people think of danger out on the open road, their minds are filled with images of newsworthy car crashes, improperly operated semi-trailer trucks and high-speed police chases. While certainly exciting, there’s yet another transportive unit which often goes unnoticed: the motorcycle. Its cargo? Actual human beings. Just as any motorist in Farmington or a nearby location would certainly do his or her homework to invest in the only the safest
  • Broken Leg With a Cast
      Depending on who you are and the personality you’ve developed over the years, the end of Summer can either be seen as a blessing or a tragic occurrence. For stay-at-home parents and the occasional lawyer both in Farmington, Utah and elsewhere hoping to have a bit more space in the house to more fully address their many responsibilities, the start of school means that efficiency is bound to improve. On the other hand, students
  • Dog Barking By a Chain Fence
      Simply put, whether you live in St. George or elsewhere, dogs are great for families. Not only do they provide a helpful link between parents and children, they’re also excellent for teaching responsibility, learning to love and dealing with physical and mental disabilities. That being said, things can sometimes take a turn for the worse by way of a painful dog bite. Generally speaking, dogs are not prone to violence. In fact, judging from
  • 7174336898 45a7a0e2a8 b
      For most concerned parents both living inside and outside of Provo, keeping a child safe while driving in the family car is of the utmost importance. It’s for that very reason that, generally speaking, a great deal of research is put into pinpointing the perfect car seat for a family’s needs. But it doesn’t stop there—seeing as how so few car seats are actually installed properly, loving parents and guardians take additional time and
  • fasten seatbelt sign 1317193
      As far as auto accident safety is concerned here in Salt Lake City, few things are as positively impactful as simply wearing one’s seat belt. Far too often does each and every lawyer at our firm deal with people who’ve lost the lives of loved ones because of a mental lapse in judgement. Simply put, it’s always best to wear your seat belt. Sure, there are those who claim that using a seat belt
  • Man Whos Hit a Child On a Bike
    From Farmington to Provo, if you or a loved one has been recently involved in an auto accident, then you’re already aware of the innate dangers that present themselves out on the open road each and every time a person decides to sit down behind the wheel of a car. Even more treacherous, motorcyclists often find both their health and lives in great peril when sharing the road with larger vehicles. As an end result,
  • Hurt Motorcyclist With Paramedics
    Even though most adults already know their way around the common bicycle, there’s another two-wheeled specimen which, in many instances, proves to be detrimentally enticing for those who’ve supposedly matured beyond the point of consequential lapses in routine judgement: the motorcycle. That’s right, regardless of whether you’re from Provo or Salt Lake City, many new motorbike enthusiasts think they know enough of the subtle ins and outs of motorcycling to ride safely right from the
  • Knee Soreness
    Oftentimes, in the very moment an emergency arises, it can be difficult to know how to respond. Though car accidents are, without a doubt, the most common of problematic situations in St. George and other cities in Utah, in today’s day and age, the frequency with which harmful slip and fall incidents take place is alarming. With that in mind, it’s imperative that people, regardless of whether they’re old or young, know how to appropriately