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  • Bike accidents can impact different areas of the victim’s life. For example, according to 2019 data, motorcycle crashes in the United States led to approximately 5,014 deaths. If you suffer injuries in an accident due to another driver’s negligence, you can demand compensation for the damage and losses.  Unfortunately, not all drivers can accept responsibility, and you need to work with a Utah injury lawyer to fight for your rights. At Robert J. Debry &
  • By law, employers must make sure the workplace is safe. Nonetheless, accidents and injuries at work affect millions of Americans each year. If you’ve been injured at work, a Utah injury lawyer from Robert J. DeBry & Associates law firm can help. Work-related injuries can cause medical and financial problems. Many people become stressed, worrying about their health and finances. Examples of Work-Related Injuries There are many ways someone can experience a work-related injury. Common
  • If you have experienced a bicycle accident, it can be hard to decide whether or not to file a claim. Bike accidents are often traumatic, both physically and mentally. It is difficult, after such an event, to figure out where you stand. As accident lawyers in Utah, we are here to give you some advice and, hopefully, put your mind at ease. What is your situation? Bicycle injuries can be hazardous. In so many cases,
  • We all know that riding a bicycle without a helmet can be a safety gamble. One second, you’re enjoying the sunshine. The next second you’re on the ground from a pothole that mangled your front wheel. Chances are you hit your head, and thankfully you were wearing a helmet, right? At Robert J. DeBry & Associates, we are ready for your call when you require an accident lawyer in Utah. If you don’t wear a
  • Biking accidents have become rampant in busy urban areas, including Salt Lake City, Utah. Sometimes cyclists can intentionally or unknowingly break Salt Lake City’s bicycle laws. This includes: riding in bike-only-designated sidewalks and riding on the right side of the roads. However, some accidents may arise due to the negligence of vehicle drivers, causing fatal injuries to bicyclists. Between 2014 and 2017, there were 412 bicycle collisions in 33 distinct zones in Utah, and 24
  • At Robert J DeBry & Associates, we know how dangerous Utah roads can be for cyclists. We are committed to helping our cycling community avoid accidents wherever possible. We’ve mapped out potential dangers, the recommended protective steps, and how to find an accident lawyer in Utah when needed. The Dangers In recent years the number of bicycle-related accidents has increased to more than 900 per year. Eight fatalities have occurred so far in 2021. According
  • Cycling is becoming a prevalent clean means of transportation, especially in Utah. However, as the number of bikers on the road increase, the number of road accidents also increases. Such accidents can leave bikers with severe injuries, and in extreme cases, the loss of life. Robert J. DeBry & Associates has dealt firsthand with various cases relating to bicycle accidents.  Below are bicycle safety tips when riding in Utah: As a regular bicycle rider, your
  • Riding a bicycle is a relaxing and healthy outdoor activity. However, it is not without risks. Accidents involving a bicycle collision with another vehicle are not uncommon. Roadways and bike paths in poor repair cause bicycle accidents as well. Unfortunately, serious bicycle mishaps often result in an injury, damaged equipment, and lost wages. Financial compensation for these damages is essential for many. But, you may wonder what the average bike accident settlement is in Utah.
  • Whether it is a car, home, or personal accident, you may want to learn the basis of accident settlements. Accident settlements are different in every state. In order to be prepared or in order to begin the process, contact a lawyer from Robert J. DeBry & Associates for specific information regarding your situation.  Filing a Car Accident Settlement in Utah Utah is among the few “no-fault” insurance states. No-fault means the insurer of the respective
  • Wondering how much a car accident settlement is? There is no definite answer for this; however, the payment could be much more than it seems. The injury claim is the most crucial aspect of the insurance claim process before getting into a lawsuit. Nevertheless, hiring a car accident lawyer after a car accident is considered a wise decision, although one may feel the need to save on lawyer fees in minor accidents by handling the
  • According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) statistics, approximately 38,680 died after car accidents in 2020. The Insurance Information Institute (III) also indicates that two million Americans sustained car accident-related injuries in the same year. Contact an experienced car accident lawyer from Robert J. DeBry & Associates to help you explore your legal options if you were involved in a car accident. The Most Common Car Accidents Related Injuries Whether you are a
  • Filing a claim is essential in order to receive compensation for car accident losses. At Robert J. DeBry & Associates we can help you start the car accident claim process. Here is the process of successfully filing a car accident claim. Call Your Insurance Company Whether you are at fault or not, call your insurance as soon as you are involved in a car accident. Regardless of the extent of damages caused, whether minor or