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Beware of Social Media Amidst Wrongful Death Cases

After having a loved one die in a tragic auto accident in St. George, Utah, it’s natural to want to post about your experience on social media. However, your lawyer would advise you to restrain from posting about the experience while the case is still open. Even though social media may be one of the best ways you access your support circles, posts about your experience could ultimately be detrimental for the wrongful death case.

There is nothing criminal about posting, but even the most innocent social media posts can be discoverable or misconstrued in a court room.

Don’t Post Anything

Social media has become a prime space for gathering evidence for a case. Lawyers and insurance companies will always be sweeping over your social media profiles for evidence either supporting or undermining your claim.

During wrongful death cases, you are claiming that you’ve experienced pain and suffering from the loss of a loved one. That being said, opposing insurance companies are going to be looking for any kind of post that contradicts that claim. If you post a picture of you at a wedding or on a relaxing vacation, these posts could compromise your claim and ultimately destroy your case. Even a simple picture of you at a park with your kids can be misconstrued by insurance companies.

Finding a Balance With Your Lawyer

In today’s society, social media is a major part of people’s lives. Asking them to avoid using it for the duration of a lengthy case can be a difficult thing. Unfortunately, this request is necessary if they want to be compensated for their loss. If you are a victim of a wrongful death case, talk to your lawyer about social media posting. Take it on a case by case basis. Your lawyer will tell you what kind of posts are appropriate and what posts aren’t.

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