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The Best Lakes for Boating in Utah

When choosing a boating destination, it’s best to always do your research, and be sure to stock up on the proper equipment (“Lifejackets, everybody!”). The last thing you want to worry about is a boating accident on your family outing— and that means plenty of planning in advance! We’ve compiled a list that includes some of the best lakes for boating in Utah. Enjoy… and don’t forget your sunscreen!

Lake Powell

This gem is Utah’s best-kept secret and sits along the Colorado River, including a section located in Arizona. Lake Powell is home to amazingly warm water, excellent fishing and even some famous landmarks like Rainbow Bridge National Monument. There are no camping restrictions, giving you the freedom to explore and set up your tent anywhere along the hundreds of miles of shore.

Utah Lake

Utah Lake is a great choice for a day trip to the Lake; close to nearby Provo and Orem areas, there’s good spots to eat nearby after a long day of tearing up the wake. Utah Lake is often known for it’s unique green color and is surrounded by magnificent scenery. If you’re located in Utah County, this should be your first stop!

Bear Lake 

Known best for it’s spectacular blue water (some call it the Caribbean of the Rockies), Bear Lake is nestled in a tiny town in Northern Utah that’s perfect for a weekend getaway. While you’re in town, be sure to stop at the local Pickleville Playhouse to catch a show, and enjoy a raspberry shake while gathering tiny shells along the beach. Bear Lake is great for swimming, boating and camping— although the water can be a bit chilly! It’s not unheard of to see folks in wetsuits and water-skis during the colder months.

Deer Creek Reservoir

Boasting plenty of awesome water activities and a stunning view of Mount Timpanogas, this park is home to 75 campsites, two boat loading ramps and some public picnic areas. 

Strawberry Reservoir

Located in the Uintah and Ouray Indian Reservation, Strawberry Reservoir is Utah’s most popular fishing destination. It’s great for boating and has amenities in the marina including a lodge with guest rooms and a restaurant.

Jordanelle Reservoir

Perching in the mountains above Heber Valley, Jordanelle Reservoir is a serene lake perfect for a day of family fun. There is a sprawling beach, great boating, and plenty of camping facilities surrounding. At the Marina, you can rent boating equipment including paddle boards, jet skis and water skis!

Flaming Gorge Reservoir

Resting along the Green River, Flaming Gorge Reservoir is perfect for windsurfing, water-skiing, wake-boarding and even fishing. As a bonus, there’s plenty of options for staying the night, including camping and lodges nearby. 

Willard Bay

This fresh water reservoir stems off of the Great Salt Lake and is a great spot for boating and a day of recreation.  Whether your cup of tea is wake boarding, wake-surfing or just wake-watching while your family plays, you can enjoy a great day at Willard Bay.  

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