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Being Safe While in the Sun

Since the summer months are upon Utah, the valley is getting ready for everyone to come out and play. With events ranging from the Bubble Run to the giant water slide that will run downtown, people will want to get out and experience all that the city has to offer.

In the midst of all the fun, people can forget about their safety, especially if there’s drinking involved. At Robert J. Debry, we’re here to remind you how to be safe this summer and to avoid seeing a wrongful death attorney in Salt Lake City.

Keep Hydrated

With the temperatures rising, it’s easy to become dehydrated if you don’t stay on top of water consumption. Adding alcohol to the mix can make for a deadly cocktail. Alcohol is a diuretic and causes the kidneys to lose extra fluid, which is where the phrase “breaking the seal” comes into play. For every gram of alcohol consumed, urine excretion increases by 10 milliliters.

Dehydration can cause headaches, dizziness, heat exhaustion and in extreme cases, alcohol poisoning. Alcohol poisoning can cause brain damage and death. If not treated, you and your friends could face a wrongful death attorney.

Don’t Get Behind the Wheel

In any situation where alcohol is involved, drinking and driving is always a bad idea. When you have pals to go out and enjoy the summer festivities with, plan ahead. First, decide who can be a designated driver. Planning ahead can eliminate any confusion that could be created once you get to the event.

Playing With Fire

In any situation where fire is involved (camp fires or fireworks), make sure that the person in charge of the fire knows what he’s doing and is responsible. Being reckless around fire has dangerous side effects and can land someone in the hospital.

Almost everyone looks forward to soaking up the summer fun when it gets warmer outside. However, if you forget about the safety of you and your friends in the midst, you could face time with a wrongful death attorney.

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