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Avoid Slip and Fall Accidents Outside Your Home

You go to great lengths to make sure your home in Ogden, Utah, is safe for your family. Unfortunately, you can’t be a hermit and lock yourself away from every danger in the world. Eventually, you have to leave the house to get food, toothpaste or to visit your lawyer.

Your kids will have to go to school. Let’s face it, you also have to leave the house for work. You don’t have control over how safe the store, your workplace or your kid’s school keep their facilities, but that doesn’t mean you’re helpless.

The Grocery Store

There are precautions you can take, but it’s hard not to feel helpless when one of your loved ones gets injured in a slip and fall accident at the grocery store. You had no control of the environment. This would be a good time to talk to your personal injury lawyer here at Robert J. DeBry & Associates.

The injury could have been caused by the negligence of the staff at the store. They should be held accountable in order to guarantee that others are safe. Hopefully, it doesn’t get that far. Ideally, store owners will minimize risks by cleaning spills promptly and placing mats at the entrances of the store during the wet seasons. However, you should always stay vigilant of hazardous environments.

At Work

Whether you work in an office building or a factory, there are certain places around the vicinity that pose greater slip and fall risks than others. Make sure you are aware of these places. Be aware of the icy front steps in the winter. Or even worse, watch out for the slippery entrance way where the melted snow has created standing water.

Your employer is responsible for salting the steps outside and taking care of standing water in the entrance. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be careful anyway. Take the advice of your lawyer and be careful on slick surfaces.

At School

There are a lot of students at public schools. That means a lot of foot traffic, especially at the elementary level where kids are frequently going outside for recess then tracking water back in. Now add the boisterous nature of children, loose shoe-laces and an understaffed janitorial team. Can you see why your lawyer is concerned about slip and fall accidents?

Teach the members of your family to always be aware of their surroundings. It’s not good enough to rely on others to make sure they are safe.


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