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Avoid Animal-Related Auto Accidents

You’re cruising down Provo Canyon in Utah late at night. You’re chatting it up with your friends who are in the car with you when a deer leaps in front of your car. Freeze Frame. You have a choice and you only have a split second to make it. Instinct tells you to avoid a collision at all cost, but sometimes swerving out of the way has more dangerous consequences than hitting the deer.

Your auto accident lawyer would suggest taking preventative action long before the deer leaps in front of your car. Being prepared helps you avoid that split-second decision that could mean life, death or injury.

Slow Down
Your auto accident lawyer is probably tired of telling you to slow down. You should listen to him especially when it comes to avoiding an accident with wildlife. Animals tend to be more active at dawn, dusk and night. If you’re driving on a rural road and it’s dark, make it a habit to reduce your speed, especially if there are animal warning signs.

Stay Vigilant
Again, listen to the advice from your auto accident lawyer: eliminate distractions while you’re driving. Your friends might be in the back seat laughing, but you’ve got to pay attention to the road. Your phone might be buzzing like crazy. Your jam just came on the radio and you just want to dance. Refrain from indulging in these pleasures. You have a responsibility the second you get behind that wheel.
If there are animal crossing signs, stay aware of the shoulders of the road. If you see movement, immediately start slowing your vehicle. Sometimes you can see small reflections from the eye of an animal. This should be another sign that you should slow down.

Split-Second Decision
Even after you’ve followed the advice from your auto accident lawyer, you might find yourself in the split-second decision deciding whether you should swerve out of the way of an animal or not. In most circumstances, it is safer for you to just slam on your brakes, lay on the horn and pray the animal jumps out of the way. If you can, avoid swerving.


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