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Average Lawyer Fees for a Car Accident

There will be legal repercussions when you are involved in a car accident. Therefore, you should contact a car accident lawyer. If in Utah, reach out to Robert J. DeBry & Associates. Visit our website to schedule a free consultation. We are committed to you and your case. At Robert J. DeBry & Associates, we work hard to remain transparent with our contingency fees. We understand the overwhelming stress involved with car accidents and finding a lawyer. Continue reading for a simplified explanation of average lawyer fees for a car accident. 

Contingency Fees

A contingency fee is a fee arrangement most personal injury attorneys use. It means you only pay the lawyer once you win money in the case. The cost is ‘contingent’ on successful compensation.

Therefore, you only pay if you win a car accident settlement or get a favorable judgment in a car accident lawsuit. Contingency fees are only available for the plaintiffs in a case, meaning the person filing the claim.

Average Contingency Fees

A contingency fee is an excellent option because it does not require paying a lawyer upfront. So, what do car accident lawyers charge on average?

Contingency fees for car accidents are typically 33% to 40% of the plaintiff’s settlement or court award. Most attorneys use a sliding scale for their contingency fees.

They may charge 25% if an insurance adjuster settles the claim with no lawsuit filed.

The lawyer may charge 33% if you file a lawsuit, but the case does not go to trial and 40% if the case goes to trial.

The attorney may charge other fees besides the contingency fee, like investigative and filing fees.

Talk to a car accident lawyer if you are involved in an accident. Contact Robert J. DeBry & Associates if the accident happens in Utah.


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