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Are You a Drunk Driving Victim? Here’s What To Do Next

A drunk driver’s state makes them more likely to cause accidents. Driving under the influence has various legal remedies that a car accident attorney from Robert J. DeBry & Associates can pursue. If you are an accident victim and believe that the at-fault driver is drunk, take the next steps.

Contact the Police

Always inform the police as soon as you are involved in an accident. The officers will look for signs of intoxication and measure the blood alcohol content of the driver. Get the contact details of the law enforcement officers who documented the scene and a copy of the police report.

Call An Accident Attorney

Do not make any statements or accept liability at the crash scene. Hire a car accident attorney to handle your case and make all necessary statements on your behalf. The attorney will contact the concerned insurance provider and keep track of the case until you settle matters with the at-fault motorist or the court delivers its ruling.

Take Images and Footage of the Accident Scene

Document the scene using your cellphone. The images and video footage will help your car accident attorney build a strong case and refute any changes in the facts. You may also get the contact details of witnesses and their recollections of the events that led to the crash.

Get Medical Assistance

Do not ignore any injury, however slight. Get medical assistance as soon as law enforcement officers record your statement. Remember to keep all the receipts issued during the treatment. The car accident attorney will use them to calculate your compensation. Keep the attorney updated on your treatment progress so that they can make the proper submissions in court.

Robert J. DeBry & Associates has experienced DUI attorneys for drunk driving cases. If hit by a drunk driver, hire the firm as soon as possible. This step will help them collect overwhelming evidence to build the topic, which will increase your chances of getting suitable compensation.

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