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Are Electric Cars Safe? What Car Accident Lawyers Say

The push towards electric cars is mostly about using renewable energy and conserving the environment. However, safety is an important consideration to make. Though the majority of car accidents are mild and only result in minor injuries, the rest can be deadly hence the importance of knowing if a car is safe. So, are electric cars safe? Listen to what car accident lawyers have to say:

Vehicle Damage

According to various news reports, in a car accident, electric vehicles cause roughly the same amount of vehicle damage as conventional cars. The nature of the vehicle damage will vary depending on the accident.

Electric vehicles can accelerate very quickly, which means they are incredibly fast. However, electric vehicle navigation tends to be safer than most ordinary cars.

Electric vehicles are powered by lithium batteries which can be quite heavy. Therefore, accidents involving EVs can be more forceful than normal cars which are lighter.

Harm To Occupants

When considering the safety of electric vehicles in a car accident, you also have to evaluate the damage to the car’s occupants. Generally speaking, accidents involving electric vehicles are safer for occupants than accidents involving regular cars.

The primary reason there is less danger to the car’s occupants in an EV accident is that conventional cars use gasoline or diesel. These are highly flammable fluids that can easily combust and explode during a car accident.

On the other hand., electric vehicles use lithium batteries. Though the batteries do have the capacity to explode when exposed to extreme heat, they are less likely to ignite and explode than diesel or gasoline.

According to many lawyers, accidents involving explosions have significant ramifications.

Danger To Passengers

According to most car accident lawyers, the most danger an electric vehicle poses during an accident is to passengers. However, the same can be said of regular cars.

Because of the added weight, electric vehicles can cause more damage in a collision with pedestrians than traditional vehicles. On the other hand, the advanced electric circuitry of electric cars gives the driver a higher chance of avoiding a collision than with conventional vehicles.

EVs also have highly advanced radar systems and sensors that help them detect obstacles and prevent accidents. Therefore, they could be better at preventing accidents involving passengers than typical cars.

Hire A Car Accident Attorney

Electric cars will become more prevalent in the future, which is why their safety in car accidents is essential. Based on lawyer accounts, electric vehicles are just as safe as traditional cars. However, more research into the matter is necessary for more clarity.

If you are involved in a car accident involving electric vehicles in Salt Lake City, Utah, please call a car accident lawyer immediately.

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